Another month another post

Ok not too much to talk about, its been a quiet month after my wonder days in Japan so Ive been working and reading up on some of the interesting articles and news in the areas of animation and Blender.

First up there is a great video by Channel Awesome’s Nostalgia Critic on the subject of adult themes in animation.

Heres my blurb:

A rather brilliant talk about how children’s media and animated media in general that was considered for the most part childish for adults, has started to become more grown up then the shows that are pandering to the older crowds. Give it a watch if your interested. Its really quite good. Also most of these shows talked about are on Netflix.

In Blender news Grease Pencil has been getting a fair bit of progress at getting Blender into 2.5d animation (2d animation in a 3d view).

Check out Pepe School which is showing tutorials on what the new Greasepencil can and cant do at present. Very  interesting stuff if combined with freestyle, very similar effects to Paperman in that regard.

And here is the tutorials link


Other then that I got nothing at the moment, just working, gaming a little, and occasionally working on some Magpie stuff but that’s not ready yet.

Anyway night night all and till next time.

مع السّلامة

And Im back…Again!

So I finally made it to Comiket again (Bells chime, Crowd goes wild) and it was great! I had a bit of an awkward start to begin with getting to Japan but it was smooth sailing once I got to my hostel. (Thanks again Oak Hostel Zen and Cabin for your services). I met up with my and stayed with friends and got a good couple of rounds of Beer/Whisky/Sake in me to celebrate each night.

So anyway here are some shots of the past few days and Ill be back to some form of modelling regularity now pretty soon. My change from one department to another is finally over and work has become much easier to deal with now that I don’t have to travel for 1 hour each day there and back.

Now I have to work towards getting as much cash as possible to build my new pc/move to my next country/have money to live on there/start a business.


Nothing to see here…well not true

Ok in summery


in other news Ive been working non stop due to my schedules changing soon. I got sick of working so far from home so I changed school districts, but this means me pulling in more hours to cover the loss Ill have once the old school has finished with me. So at the moment I only have Fridays left to do any modelling.

But heres what I made last week. Gingitsune from the anime and manga Gingitsune (Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods)

It would have been a 7/10 for me but I lost 45mins of work due to zbrush and hd space issues so I give it 5/10. About 4-5 hours work. I still have some of the build recorded but not enough to really be worth looking at. The Hair is ok in this version but I wish my last two attempts had saved. Sigh. Oh well. In future Id like to try and redo the whole character with Blender hair. But Id need new hardware for that, my laptops starting to struggle a bit.

Anyway that’s all, sorry for the short post but its really not been much of a month. Anyway laters all.



Standing on the end of the board

Hello all

Its been a while, mainly due to me working and trying to keep my head above the financial waters here I haven’t had much to say or show. I basically have had to shut down and just grind my way through these last two months and just wait for that first pay check. But things are starting to level out slowly, with my current projections being around September before I actually make a profit (since Im going to Japan to see my friends and get in Comiket again). I have to decide is I stick around or take a chance at moving to another country.

Im still thinking only of that in long terms but its clear to me that this isn’t a place I feel like I could live for a long stretch of time.

In the mean time I have made my Fridays and Mondays basically modelling days, Mondays more experimental and to finish off stuff, and Fridays bigger projects and or commissions.

Here are some things I’ve made this past few weeks.




Finally a place to call home?

Well tomorrow I will be finally moving into long(er) term housing. After 5 different moves Ill be situated in District 4. Considering its been quiet of late on this blog Ill bring up to speed what I’ve learnt so far.

  1. Driving a scooter is both a blessing and curse. Great for mobility around the city (defiantly cheaper on the wallet), but you’ll be basically doing a trail by fire routine each and every time you get onto that road and drive around.
  2. Finally started to work my way around the outskirts of the city to the further out districts, plus Im starting to figure out the lay out of the street and interconnections.
  3. Whilst its holiday time for more Vietnamese during this weekend the fun for most working foreigners will be once the craziness has died down (probably around Monday to Tuesday time, maybe even Wednesday depending on the state of your cash flow).
  4. The small joy of finding stores that sell in my shoe size has become a small hobby of mine.
  5. Next joy will be finding a decent electrical store that sells consoles. Also decent bike helmets (you really need a visor when drive to avoid constant peddle in the eye syndrome).
  6. The small thrill of avoiding a cops attention as you drive about during holiday season (they look out much more for foreigners I’ve been told, so got to make my hulk frame look inconspicuous in a group of small bodied people).
  7. Work ramps up a lot during this time but sadly I wont see it for another month (thankfully I came prepared, but boy does living costs ramp up a lot once you start staying long term, at least for the first few months).
  8. The paperwork you need done is never the right paperwork that the council needs, you could have the queen drop the bloody paperwork off and they still ask for the corpse of her last heir to show up before you’ve got it right…….unless your willing to splash cash at the problem then WOW its all perfect no problems what. so. ever……Buggers.
  9. Apparently Leicester is on the map? Something about football?
  10. SO MANY BRITS! Its a nice change from the large amount of other nationals working in places like Korea.
  11. The ratio of places that charge you a fee after you’ve bought something ( basically tax plus service) seems to also include those places that seem to be the least likely for me to return, either due to slow or rude service. At least definably not unless Im planning on splashing out with someone in tow.
  12. Finally I have a reason to boot up Ingress again. Hack the PLANET!

More pics below

Once I finally have a place for the next month settled Ill be back to doing more modelling. Frankly I would have started sooner but the hot conditions are doing a number on my computer, so till I can keep it cool enough I got to stick to simple stuff for now.

Anyway night night all.

Chào anh

HCMC or exhaustion….Why not both?

Another day in sunny HCMC, weather is making me go from full of energy to sloth in about 3 hours. Finally got my first bit of news from VUS. First things first I passed my exam and will be working for Vus for the foreseeable future. Its seems that its not often that someone comes to Vietnam and immediately tries for work, but if I dont work I think Id just sleep due to this heat.😛

Anyway Ill be starting my introduction tomorrow which is basically me sitting and listening for 1-2 hous on how Vus teaches its students. Then I have my first 3 hour session on Thursday. Im both a little stressed and happy that I can start to earn some cash from this trip.

So things to give advise on:

  1. when applying for work make sure your home is somewhere you want to spend a large portion of time in, if your willing to spend a bit and live it up then try for the lower end numbered districts like 1-7, if your more interested in saving and having a quiet life go for higher range numbers. But be warned about living near airports and main roads. They don’t double glaze here and even at high levels you can clearly hear traffic from the ground.
  2. There are free buses to and from the AEON mall just in the outskirts of the main city, this you can use to get about as long as you get your times down right. Can save you cash from taking taxis all the time.
  3. Ear plugs/noise cancelling headphones, an eye mask and face mask are all useful when staying here, either use for sleeping or covering up when walking about, to give your brain and face a break from the traffic. (obviously substitute the eye mask for glasses duh.)
  4. National holidays are a pain in the arse as they not only take up the length of the holiday but an additional “recovery” day to allow banks to catch up from being closed.

Finally here are some shots I haven’t put up yet. Once I finally find a place to stay long term Ill try for 3d modelling again, for now Ill jsut have to settle for wandering the streets of Vietnam.

Ta ta for now.

Zootopolis / Zootopia, Vietnam and living from a suitcase

Well it finally happened, after several overdue months of waiting and wondering I finally got myself to Vietnam.

in short its hot. chaos.

The country doesn’t ever seem to sleep except during the hours of 4am to 6am which seems to be its one time that everyone collectively decides enough is enough and just go to bed. Only to wake up 2 hours later to start it all over again.

The streets are filled, utterly utterly filled with bikers. Of all types and sizes, from the Harleys to the pedal bikes, its shoulder to shoulder every step of the way. Walking is possible but its more a quick jog from shop to shop then casual stroll. Walking across streets involves a level of bravery, and basically make sure you are seen as some slow moving rock that the flow of shoal fish bikes can ride around with ease.

But also there is the “tricks” that certain people will have a go at you since you some dumb foreigner that I’ve fallen for in the first few days.

  1. Sim cards in the airport arrivals are both false advertising and bullshit. Avoid them since are protected by security who wont allow you to go back in to complain. Sims go for much MUCH cheaper outside of the airport and you can go complain if they screw you.
  2. Taxis are great but be wary of them. Even if your in two of the recommended ones there can still be the odd bad apple that’ll try to either try and take dollars (which is illegal btw) from you for above the price of the ride or will try and charge you for making them wait even if they are the cause of the wait. HOWEVER I’ve been in several of these taxis now and as long as it Vinasun and MaiLinh then your most likely going to be fine. (Those are the two I’ve used, others I cant speak for but friends agree that they are the more trusting firms).
  3. District 12 is FAR out from District 1, it might seem obvious but it also means that without a taxi or your own scooter you can add 30-40 mins travel to any journey into town. Or about £4-5, costly on a budget.
  4. If your from the UK try and get a mix of Dong and Dollar, your going to use Dong much more, but since that can be a tricky currency to acquire Id get Dollar then and once in Vietnam open an account (if you have the documents) and get that all cashed in asap. You can use atms dotted around the city but Im a suspicious bloke that doesn’t like the idea of just inserting my card into any old atm. Plus your going to get charged on both ends for taking out cash. So come with cash and open the account. Oh but before that happens you had better change a few hundred dollars into dong at a near by bank, just be ready to spend 30-40 mins getting the paperwork signed. You can use your apartment/hotel address instead of your home address if your not comfortable giving them all your details.

Also the districts are very different from each other.

The few districts Ive been through seem to be a bit like this:

D1: Chaos all the time, street food, burger joints and basics available everywhere, company businesses and schools around everywhere.

D12: More basic, slightly less chaotic, more Vietnamese places then western, but there are some spots that have large shopping malls and entertainment, but walking is along long streets. So grab a mask and glasses to cover your face, a hats good too for the sun. (In fact just have them all in your reach for walking around, no one cares if you wear them and your face will thank you, just take them off when entering stores). There is a good wind that travels through the area that keeps the nights more manageable.

I’ve been applying to two schools so far and tomorrow I am going to be doing a test lesson for VUS, no idea on how it’ll go since I haven’t met the students, but at least its progress so (thumbs up).

Anyway have some images of my wandering about.

Finally Ill give my review on Zootopolis

Which I will post later today as Im a little too stressed out about my impeding test lesson in 7 hours. So good night all and see you tomorrow.

Read outs done (40mins!) but I also got a touch of food poisoning so Im sleeping it off and posting it up tomorrow. Night all.